Customer Reviews

“This is the first of many pieces I will get from Miranda. It is absolutely breathtaking, even more so in person. It shimmers in the light and is so delicate yet very well made. It will be a piece of art I treasure forever and can’t help but stare at daily! I am so excited for the future pieces I will get!” -Selena, E (Washington)

“I am so obsessed with my lil custom made trinket holder. Initially I bought it to hold my sewing needles but I basically use it for everything” - Tie, H (California)

“i have a few pendants from Miranda and they’re all so beautiful and clearly made with love. She’s kind, professional, and talented as hell! I highly recommend supporting Miranda and her business, you won’t regret it ♥️” -Norah, H (Massachusetts)

“this dish is incredibly beautiful & one of my favorite possessions” -Tatum, P (Washington)

"I'm obsessed with it! Like I knew it was gonna be cute but it was one of those things I opened and I was like omg this is everything!" (anonymous)



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