Here is a list of in person events you can find us at! We mainly try to stay around the Seattle area, but we do travel for special events! 


Sultan Shindig July 12th-14th

The Sultan Shindig is an all-ages family event! There's great food, live music, family events, a car show, and more! It goes from July 12th-14th 2024 in downtown Sultan, Washington. Come find us among the other vendors.

Event schedule goes as follows:

Friday; 4pm-9pm

Saturday; 10am-dusk

Sunday; 10am-4pm


Gold Dust Days July 27th 

Gold Dust Days is a small family event in my hometown of Gold Bar, Washington. There is a parade, car show, fun events for kids, live music and a ton of fun vendors to visit. This will be our second year in attendance! Come see us at the Gold Bar Elementary School lawn on July 27th from 10am-8pm!


Index Arts Festival August 3rd

The Index arts festival is a cute little festival held in the town of Index, Washington. There are a wide variety of very talented artists at this event. I'm very glad to be attending for my second year! Come enjoy local artists, great food, live music, and fun for your entire family in downtown Index on August 3rd from 10am-6pm.


Kenmore Farmers Market

August 14th and August 28th

The Kenmore Farmers market is held in downtown Kenmore, Wahington. It has a variety of local artists and fruit vendors to choose from. The Kenmore farmers market is a small and short event that. I'll be there for my second year in a row in August! Come see me Wednesday August 14th or August 28th from 3pm-7pm in downtown Kenmore!